Update on Tony’s Letter and Thank You   1 comment

Update on Tony’s Letter and Thank You

Thank you for signing Tony’s letter. We have closed the letter and have 1783 signatures.

The letter and the signatures will be sent to all of the appropriate individuals.

Keep Tony’s story alive and voice your concerns for him by writing to your own state elected officials, see “Beyond Louisiana” note:  http://www.facebook.com/notes/free-tony-the-tiger/beyond-louisiana/383616918142  and the contacts in the “Roar For Tony All the Way to The White House!!!” note: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Free-Tony-The-Tiger/328048525558?v=app_2347471856

Please continue to support our campaign to free Tony from the truck stop and send him to an accredited big cat sanctuary.

For Tony
Free Tony The Tiger


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One response to “Update on Tony’s Letter and Thank You

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  1. Hi

    its about time the governents took responibility of this situation and get their act together and sort this awful situation out for the awesome Tiger which should not be living in these conditions – its a shame to the country in this day and age to hve these amazing creatures live in these conditions – USA should be ashamed of themselves to allow this to happen – but again not all USA person are as stupid as this

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