For ♥TONY♥ EYE OF THE TIGER   2 comments


Whenever you are fighting for a cause, you will always encounter detractors, those who oppose your views and who try to take the focus away from what is really important, in this case having Tony removed from the truck stop and sent to an accredited big cat sanctuary. Most times these individuals’ comments are so inane that you wonder if you should even take the time to reply. Sometimes a reply is warranted, but what they want is for us to continue to engage in arguments with them to take our focus away from Tony.

All of our emotions run high regarding Tony – but we have to concentrate on what’s important – helping Tony. We must have “THE EYE OF THE TIGER” and not let anyone or anything divert our attention away from helping Tony to a new home.


Posted April 27, 2010 by Free Tony The Tiger in Uncategorized

2 responses to “For ♥TONY♥ EYE OF THE TIGER

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  1. You’re’s all about Tony & his needs. I hope he gets to go to a sanctuary where he’ll be well & happy!!

  2. please free Tony

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