Beyond The Bars   6 comments


Beyond The Bars

They stare at me
Through rusted bars
But I look past them
And toward “my stars”

They watch me pace
But in my mind
I am running free

Heartless Man
Look into my eyes
See the blackness
Feel the emptiness inside

You try to break
My Spirit – My Will
I hold my head high
A Proud Tiger Still

A Tiger who longs
To feel sun on my face
The wind brush my fur
Peace to embrace

To behold my Sky
Beautiful and blue…
To erase the suffering
Held prisoner to

Striped Hearts Roar
Loud and strong for me
Voices unwavering
Until I am free

Day after day
Faith in “my stars”
To Be A Tiger
Beyond The Bars

© D. De Santis/FTTT 2010


Posted May 2, 2010 by Free Tony The Tiger in Uncategorized

6 responses to “Beyond The Bars

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  1. Aaaa we feel for you our majestic Big Cat you will be FREE you have to be – we feel your emptyness & we’re fighting for you & we won’t give up – your angel is watching over you & you will be FREED

  2. this is soo heart breaking to see an amazing beast caught up in finance profit they should be ashamed


  3. Wish I could hug Tony…& get him to a sanctuary!!

  4. :(…. !!!!!!!

  5. And I say ‘Amen’ . . .

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