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  Roar For Tony Day 33!

“When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.”

No, we’re NEVER giving up on Tony!! Every opportunity you have to talk about Tony – do it! Most people who don’t know about him are shocked when they hear his story and want to learn more. Ask your friends and family to join the FTTT Facebook fan page, sign his petition, send e-mails and letters to animal welfare organizations and their own elected officials as well as those in Louisiana.  

Hit the SHARE button on the lower left hand side of this page. Invite your friends to join Tony’s page. If you have a Free Tony shirt – wear it proudly – it’s a great conversation starter.

Have a Twitter account? You can follow Tony on twitter at:

Tweet Tony’s links:

Join Tony’s Facebook Page – Over 6,000 Members ROARING FOR TONY!

Tony’s WordPress page:

Follow Tony On Twitter:

Tony On Youtube:

Does ANYONE Care About Tony The Tiger???

Tony On Weebly:

Big Cat Rescue’s page for Tony:

Please sign and share Tony’s petition

Keep Roaring for Tony with letters, e-mails, etc. to the media, animal welfare organizations, and the contacts in the notes below.

Always remember it’s FOR TONY, and in being a voice for him we must be respectful in our communications.

Roar For Tony All The Way To The White House!!!

“Beyond Louisiana”

and for the kids:

Please sign and share Tony’s petition


Thanks to all FTTT Friends for supporting the efforts to free Tony.

For Tony
Free Tony The Tiger


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