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Roar For Tony Day 42!

“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future”

We’re seeing some very young members on the FTTT  Facebook page and think it’s great they want to get involved and care so much about Tony.

I recently did an arts and crafts program with my coworker with a theme about tigers. We made tiger masks and had a coloring page about Tony and the kids were really interested in Tony and asked great questions. I had a poster board with pictures of Tony and where he lives and one girl asked me “If Tony lives at a truck stop aren’t the fumes bad for him?” Kids really do get it.

A site was just created for Tony at geared towards our younger friends. It’s called KIDS 4 TONY More pages will be added, but when asked by children if Tony had a webpage, we thought a more appropriate one would be one specifically for them, so we got one up and running. You can also print out  the coloring page pictured above at:

Since we’re using Tony’s Facebook page as a reference and have younger members too, we’d like to ask that comments posted are appropriate. We know how much ALL of Tony’s friends care about him and are dedicated to helping him, but we never know who is looking at his page, whether it be our younger members or those we contact regarding Tony. We always want to maintain the respect and integrity Tony deserves and keep the page appropriate for everyone.

Please continue to write letters and emails, comment on articles about Tony, “tweet” for Tony, sign his petitions, and share the links to Tony’s pages.

Thanks to all FTTT Friends for your continued support. We’re not going to stop ROARING FOR TONY!

Free Tony The Tiger


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