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Roar For Tony Day 43!

 “We cannot be separated in interest or divided in purpose. We stand together until the end.”

Tony now has over 7,000 friends on his Facebook page – that’s 7,000 voices supporting his release from the truck stop!

Please be active in the efforts to help Tony. There are so many ways to help. One of the easiest is to sign his petitions. As of this writing, Tony’s new petition, started on May 14th 2010, has 921 signatures. If you haven’t signed already, please do and share the link.

Tony’s other petition at can be found at:

Tony needs us to continue to be a strong voice for him. It’s very important to keep the momentum going in what we are doing. Those who have allowed Tony to remain at the truck stop and those who have done nothing to help him have to know how much we care about Tony and how much we want to see him live the rest of his years being the wonderful tiger he his in a good home with the proper care. Tony knows nothing of enrichment, and after watching the video of the tigers and lions of Big Cat Rescue enjoying their cardboard boxes, it is disturbing to think that his “owner” cannot even provide something as simple as that to play with. Video link:

We ask for your continued support in the campaign to help Tony. Share links, write letters and e-mails, talk to your friends about Tony. Refer to our notes for contact information.

We Are Tony’s Voice – Over 7,000 Strong Roaring For Him! Let them know we’re here and not giving up!

Free Tony The Tiger


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