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Roar For Tony Day 48!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

FOR TONY: A Reminder

(This was posted today on Tony’s Facebook page)

We appreciate everyone’s input and support for Tony and want to thank you all for diligently fighting for his freedom from the truck stop.

With over 7,000 members, Tony’s cause is growing everyday. More and more people are learning about Tony and looking at his page. With that in mind we would like to once again ask to please post appropriately. Not only is Tony’s page used as a reference to the contacts we write to about him, but you never know “who” could be looking at it, whether it be our younger members or those who oppose our campaign for Tony. Comments that are abusive in any way will be deleted.

Our sole objective is To Help TONY, and while we understand there are other animals who need help, this page will remain EXCLUSIVELY FOR TONY. Posts and comments that are off topic will be removed. There are many other pages and groups on Facebook dedicated to specific animal welfare causes and we suggest they be utilized to voice your concerns for these animals.

We hope you understand our position on these issues and ask for your cooperation. Thanks again for your suggestions, support and encouragement. Tony needs all of us to be a strong, dedicated as well as a respectable voice for him.


Free Tony The Tiger


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