Roar For Tony Day 53!   3 comments

Roar For Tony Day 53!

“Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace.”

This is reposted from Alicia Silvestone’s blog. She is an American actress, author, and former fashion model.  As of this posting it has 66 responses. Read them at: 

Thanks to Ms. Silverstone for caring about Tony and telling more people of his plight.

Tony also has a profile page on The Kind Life:

free tony the tiger!

Posted by Alicia Silverstone on May 25, 2010
Kind Lifer Cindy Wines posted something on the site about a Tiger named Tony that lives at a truck stop, and I wanted to share his story so that we can help him!  Tony is a beautiful 9 year old, Siberian/Bengal Tiger that has lived his entire life in a small cage at a truck stop in Grosse Tete, Louisiana.  He lives in a concrete and steel cage directly next to diesel trucks that emit fumes and noise all day and all night.  An ordinance was passed in 1993 that would prohibit private ownership and the display of exotic animals like Tony, but it has never been enforced. 

This is such an unhealthy environment for a wild animal.  Not only is he living around toxic fumes and deafening noise, but he is being taunted by visitors.  There is a sign posted that asks people not to throw rocks at him.  It’s like he has been sentenced to life in jail… But for what? He didn’t do anything… Tony has no natural life in these conditions.  This is also very bad for children to see.  It teaches them that animals don’t deserve respect, and its ok for them to live in a cage.  This whole thing makes me ill.

Bottom line, Tony needs to be freed.  For more information about Tony you can visit Big Cat Rescue. Please help me help Tony!!

Here’s what Kind Lifers can do to help:

Sign the petition to boycott this truck stop
Follow Tony on Facebook
Follow Free Tony on twitter

Let’s help free Tony! 


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3 responses to “Roar For Tony Day 53!

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  1. I have a better suggestion. Why doesn’t Sandlin himself get in the cage as a representative specimen of a callous and brainless human being ? A freak in other words. Then people can go and watch him in the cage and Tony the tiger can go free. Amen !

    Georgia Michaelides Saad
  2. what nonsensical fetish is this……..keeping wild animals in small cages and subjecting a top predator to utter humiliation at the hands of callous people!!!!! and what sick environment is this!!!!! fumes and noise….i’m sure this poor animal must be physically and psychologically unhealthy. if this truck shop owner wants attention why the hell doesn’t he hire someone to wear bugs bunny or elmo costume and dance around!!!!! this is really depressing and i can imagine the condition of this animal who has been condemned to a life of misery. no social contact with its kind, living area that is less that a millionth of its natural territory, no physical exercise, being mocked at like it were some freak!!!!! this is appalling and anybody who considers himself human should boycott such practice of keeping wild animals as “pets” or exhibits.

    prachi tripathi
  3. Thanks for giving your support. If more celebrities would speak up, this battle might just be won.

    Tony HAS been sentenced to prison and Sandlin would make it a life sentence with no possibility of parole even though Tony committed no crime.

    Deborah Daniels

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