Free Tony The Tiger Response To Tiger Truck Stop E-mail   6 comments

Free Tony The Tiger Response To Tiger Truck Stop E-mail

“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”

Mr. Sandlin:

It is truly disturbing to once again see Tony exploited and used in your e-mail. Do you really believe by circulating this it will stop those of us who want to help Tony? No one will accept what was written in your response as credible or believable.

Yes. Many people do care about Tony and his welfare, but unfortunately you are not one of them. If you had any concern at all for Tony you would give him the chance to live the rest of his years in a clean safe peaceful home.

Your lack of compassion and concern for Tony was made even more evident when a recent article stated “Sandlin said he will consider moving Tony to an animal sanctuary only when the 10-year-old tiger gets too old or too sick to be exhibited.”

I highly doubt the USDA, LDW&F and Iberville Animal Control check on Tony every week.

You are the only one who has said that Tony would be released in the wild which is absolutely ludicrous. An accredited big cat sanctuary would provide a natural habitat with a pool for him to swim him, proper medical care and diet, enrichment and the respect he deserves. Tony would be given all the time he needed to adjust to his new home. He would not be “caged up with 140 other big cats,” and there would be no signs to remind people not to throw things at him.

Your email also asked for donations to improve Tony’s enclosure. You stated recently “Business is better than ever.” If that is true, why wouldn’t you take it upon yourself to improve Tony’s facilities? The easy answer is because you truly do not care about him, his health, welfare or quality of life.

We are not the ones “full of hate and doing more harm than good.” That dubious honor belongs to you.

Free Tony The Tiger


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6 responses to “Free Tony The Tiger Response To Tiger Truck Stop E-mail

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  1. I also could not agree more. What is wrong with Iberville Parish? There must be money for them involved also. Just a disgusting situation.

  2. I could not of said it any better then this. Free Tony The Tiger….

  3. Right On.

  4. I can’t help but think how ironic it is for such a beautiful animal to be exploited at a truck stop….of all places. Here’s where the irony steps in:

    For years truckers have been exploited by trucking companies through poor treatment, threatened DAC report comments endangering their careers, poor benefits, little home time, and a lifestyle that creates many health problems in their later years( without thought of compensation)

    By placing Tony in a truck stop, he becomes the symbol of the same abuse that drivers have complained about for many years….Exploitation and poor treatment.
    And yet many drivers are the ones promoting to their own symbol of disrepect and abuse.

    Wake up DRIVERS! This is You in that cage, who you are gawking at… being abused by being confined in a lifestyle without reward or respect.

    Boycott this truck stop and by doing so you will take a step in freeing “the symbol of yourself”

  5. I still say,Free Tony Now!! Iberville Parish,are you listening??!

  6. I couldn’t agree more!!!!

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