Roar For Tony Day 55!   2 comments

Roar For Tony Day 55!

“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.”

It’s been a very “eventful week” for all of us with Anthony Marr’s visit to see Tony and yesterday’s email from Tiger Truck Stop. It was also very kind of Alicia Silverstone to blog about Tony. As of this posting her blog post had 85 comments and was tweeted 117 times.

A lot of friends asked if we could once again contact a specific individual. Some have suggested Ellen DeGeneres. It never hurts to try and maybe if they receive enough requests from us, hopefully someone will take notice.

Thanks again for supporting Tony and the efforts to help him to a better life at a big cat sanctuary.

Free Tony The Tiger

Here is contact information for Ellen DeGeneres:

The Ellen DeGeneres Show
PO Box 7788
Burbank, CA 91522
Attn: Fan Mail

Online e-mail contact form:

On FaceBook

On Twitter:

The Ellen Show Twitter Feed On Her Site:

Join Ellen’s Community page:

We just started a FTTT profile and group on Ellen’s Community page. It may be a good way to gain more supporters amd bring more attention to Tony.




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2 responses to “Roar For Tony Day 55!

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  1. Done.

  2. Please let Tony move to a sanctuary. This is no life for Tony at a gas station!

    Brenda Robinson

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