Roar For ♥TONY♥ Anthony Marr’s Letter To Michael Sandlin 6.19.2010   3 comments

Roar For ♥TONY♥ Anthony Marr’s Letter To Michael Sandlin 6.19.2010

FTTT NOTE: Reposting the letter Anthony wrote to Michael Sandlin. Anthony posted the letter on Tony’s Facebook page

Hi all, Anthony Marr here. Here is an update on what has happened with Michael Sandlin. On May 31, I wrote him a letter to propose a solution, and CCed reporter Koran Addo a copy. Addo is interested in reporting on it as soon as Sandlin has responded to it, which so far he has not. I intend to contact him again in a week or two. Here is the letter:

Dear Mr. Sandlin,

As an internationally recognized tiger conservationist, I have a proposal to make to you, which I believe you might find interesting and in fact beneficial in the short and especially long term.

To begin with, let me outline the disadvantages to you of your current game plan

First, to quote the Advocate newspaper article, [Sandlin said he will consider moving Tony to an animal sanctuary only when the 10-year-old tiger gets too old or too sick to be exhibited]. This wins you nothing but disdain in the global tiger conservation community. If you wish your name to be associated with the tiger, the esteem of this community cannot be ignored. The question here is whether you care for financial gain lasting another decade at most, and one not all that lucretive at that, or your reputation as a tiger exploiter or protector which will last forever in the annals of tiger conservation.

Second, Tony is neither a pure bred Bengal tiger nor a pure bred Siberian tiger, and is therefore deemed of no conservation value by the professional tiger conservationists, which therefore renders your justification of tiger captivity as a means of tiger conservation unprofessional at best.

Third, if you thrive on long term notoriety for short term profit, it is up to you, but if there is no profit in the foreseeable future, what will you be left with except this unsavory notoriety? How will it serve you in promoting your career, except as a laughing stock of the society you may wish to belong?

Fourth, it is conceivable that the tiger conservation community and the animal advocacy movement, each being a powerful force to reckon with, and in combination will constitute a crushing weight, could wage a campaign to boycott the Conoco corporation world wide unless this particular Conoco station ceases and desists on such a shameful side-business. Do you think that Conoco would leap to your defense?

Fifth, I don’t know what value you place on dignity. Your concern for the dignity of the tiger is unquestionable at best, but how do you value your own? Would it be more dignified of you, do you think, to voluntarily, gracefully and nobly walk away from the medieval zoo where regal creatures pacing neurotically back and forth every hour of every day in tiny cages not fit for even zoos in backward banana republics, or to be forced without a choice to close it down?

There are many other disadvantages to your current game plan, and I could give another half-dozen if you ask me to. But let me propose to you a much bright future for your own career as a tiger man.

If you would consider discontinuing your current tiger-exploitation operation, which the professional tiger conservation community considers it to be, I will offer myself as an expert adviser to you, free of charge, to establish in its place a tiger conservation museum, which by nature and definition will last for as long as the tiger species will last, and even thereafter if it does go extinct. And even if the latter, you name will forever stay in good stead as one of those who have worked towards its preservation, though sadly in vain, while, if you continue with the current exploitative course, your name will be forever condemned.

Further, if you will agree to do this, I will personally motivate the tiger conservation community to give you not just local but global media and professional exposure, and give your new tiger conservation museum worldwide acclaim as a new advance towards saving this magnificent species that is top-most in terms of global admiration. This is what you can truly and proudly consider good press, the worth of which being not in thousands of dollars, nor even the “millions” you claim, but inestimable.

Finally, I am a key speaker in the highly prestigeous Animal Rights National Conference every year, attended by over a thousand of the most influencial movement leaders from many countries around the world. This year it will occur in Washington DC, July 15-19 (see This is what I will do. I will make an annoucement in my July 17th plenary speech on your decision, one way or the other, and you will be either reviled, or admired. One thing is for certain. My announcement will have a global impact on your future career.

If you find this proposal of interest to you, I would gladly spend whatever time it takes to discuss details with you. All you need to do is to ask.


Anthony Marr

Anthony Marr

Founder and President Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)


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3 responses to “Roar For ♥TONY♥ Anthony Marr’s Letter To Michael Sandlin 6.19.2010

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  1. I totally concur with the above letters!..We love you Tony!!!

  2. A very thought provoking letter… I just hope that Sandlin took the time to read it and think about the words written in the letter…. I sadly have a feeling that Michael Sandlin will not bother to reply…. :*(

    But thank you so much Anthony for writing this letter and trying your best to help Tony!

  3. I am sincerely grateful Anthony, with tears in my eyes and hope for Tony’s future, for you taking the time to write to Michael Sandlin and present a respectful and reasonable proposal. It is my prayer to the stars in heaven above, that this man does the right thing for Tony, so this beautiful beast can finally sleep quietly in the darkness of the moon.

    We’re coming to get you Tony. Just you wait! ((<3))

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