Roar For ♥TONY♥ Please Voice Your Concern For Tony!!! 6.23.2010   1 comment

Roar For ♥TONY♥ Please Voice Your Concern For Tony!!! 6.23.2010

All of us are very concerned for Tony’s health and welfare. In watching the recent video of him from June 16th, 2010, we can see how he is suffering in the high temperatures. We are asking FTTT members to individually e-mail the following letter to :


I am writing to you with my concerns for Tony, a tiger used as a roadside attraction at Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete Louisiana.

I am especially worried after seeing a recent video of him from June 16th, 2010. In the video he is panting very heavily. I researched the temperatures for Grosse Tete that day and the high reached 95˚. Temperatures were in the 90’s that week and forecasted to be much the same this week. See video here:

Ms. Davidson stated in a letter that: “The night house is air conditioned during the hot summer months and a pool of water is provided for the tiger.” Source:

Ms. Davidson also mentions air conditioning in this article: as does Mr. Sandlin, Tony’s owner here:

I would like to know if Tony is provided with air conditioning, and if so, are those caring for him implementing its use. Why is this not a provision in the revised Iberville Parish Ordinance? It only mentions heaters to be provided in the winter months.

It is extremely disturbing to see this tiger continue to suffer. I would think that the health and welfare of Tony would be most important, but it is apparent that is not the case. If so his owner would not have been issued a permit from the LDWF and Iberville Parish, and Tony would have been allowed to be taken care of properly at a big cat sanctuary.

I look forward to your correspondence regarding my concerns for Tony and appreciate your prompt attention to this urgent matter.

(your name, address, email)


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  1. Thank you for posting this. I am going to email these people, even though I am a citizen of Florida, I want Tony to be free!

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