Roar For ♥Tony♥: Tony: 10 Years At Tiger Truck Stop 7.1.2010   1 comment

 Roar For ♥Tony♥: Tony: 10 Years At Tiger Truck Stop 7.1.2010


July 2010 is upon us and so is the 10th birthday of Tony, but sadly it is a not a happy one as it also marks 10 years of captivity for Tony at Tiger Truck Stop. We are asking Free Tony The Tiger friends to join us in honoring this special tiger who has touched the hearts of people all over the world.

There is a new video for Tony on Youtube. Please watch, comment and share it.

Light a candle for Tony at:

Click on a candle and follow the instructions. Please leave the group initial as “4TONY” so all our candles stay together. Each candle stays lit for 48 hours. This group will stay up as long as candles are lit.

Please visit this new page started especially for Tony on his 10th birthday and where you can leave comments:

Change your profile picture on Facebook to one of Tony’s and show your support for him.

Thanks to all of Tony’s friends for caring and for continuing to “ROAR FOR TONY!!!” We will NEVER give up the fight for Tony and for his release to a new home and a new life.

Free Tony The Tiger
July 1, 2010


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One response to “Roar For ♥Tony♥: Tony: 10 Years At Tiger Truck Stop 7.1.2010

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  1. To the people that have stolen the life of this magnificent animal…We beg you PLEASE allow this animal to live out his life at a rescue facility. It only takes kindness on your part to do so. If you can find it in your heart to do so, you will feel the appreciation of thousands. PLEASE!!!!

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