Roar For ♥TONY♥ Contact the WWF 7.16.2010   Leave a comment

Roar For ♥TONY♥ Contact the WWF 7.16.2010

The World Wildlife Fund and actor/activist Leonardo DiCaprio have joined forces in the fight to save wild tigers. See article written by Dan Forman here:

We applaud their concern and efforts and while the WWF’s overall mission is “the conservation of nature,” we feel it is also important for them to address the captive tiger situation, whereas in the United States alone, there are more privately owned tigers than there are left in the wild.

The Free Tony The Tiger campaign is asking members to contact the WWF and stress this point so they will also consider and give exposure to Tony’s situation and that of thousands of other privately owned tigers in the United States.

Please contact:

•The writer of the article Dan Forman at:

•World Wildlife Fund
1250 Twenty-Fourth Street N.W.
P.O. Box 97180
Washington, DC 20090-7180

•Online e-mail contact form:

•The WWF can also be found on FaceBook:


We would once again like to thank all the members of FTTT for their continued dedication and support to give Tony the home and life he deserves, and we encourage ALL members to participate and be active. With your collected efforts, Tony has a strong voice and one that cannot be silenced or ignored.

Please read more about the WWF’s actions to help captive U.S. tigers at: and sign the petition to help protect  tigers from illegal trade at:


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