Roar For ♥TONY♥: Blogging For Tony 7.17.2010   3 comments

Roar For ♥TONY♥: Blogging For Tony 7.17.2010

Thanks to The Fabulous Animal Rescue Project & MC Reality Online for your recent blog posts about Tony.

See MC Reality’s post at:

See The Fabulous Animal Rescue Project’s post at:

Networking Tony’s story is very important so more people learn about him and the major problem of privately owned tigers in the Unites States; Tony is one of thousands of tigers; estimates put the number at appx. 5,000.

The captive tiger population in the United States escalates due to the lack of laws regarding such exotic animals, the greed and ignorance of individuals who believe they have a right to own a tiger as a pet, others who breed for profit, and those who exploit these cats in roadside zoos, circuses, and exhibits. The U.S. government does not keep record of how many captive tigers there are, who they are owned by, their location or what happens to them when they die.

See State Laws Governing Private Possession of Exotic Animals at:

The only authorized breeding plans for cats such as tigers are the Species Survival Plans, and they are solely implemented in AZA accredited zoos. More about SSP:

Breeding tigers in captivity serves no purpose in conserving the wild tiger population. Species Survival Plans are the ONLY authorized breeding plans for cats such as tigers. The SSP ensures animals have documented blood lines which protect the health of the animals and the viability of their gene pool.

More information:


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3 responses to “Roar For ♥TONY♥: Blogging For Tony 7.17.2010

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  1. It would be far from an exaggeration or misleading to say that Tony’s life has been robbed from him by one man….This Beautiful Endangered Tiger being held in captivity since he was born. Never had the chance or the privilege to know what life would have been like in the wild. Never had the chance to smell that sweet smell of ‘Life’.
    All because of one man’s greed and lack of respect for creatures like yourself.
    Those who truly love you Tony, those who truly believe that your right on this planet belongs to you, and you alone, are Fighting hard for you Handsome Boy.
    We won’t give up until you get YOUR LIFE back. We won’t give up until you get that chance to experience that Life that was Robbed from you. I, over and over have visioned have dreamed of you one day soon, stepping unto your new Living Space in a Big Cat Sanctuary..I have visioned you lifting your head and taking in all the wonderful smells of your fellow brothers and sisters that will be near you.I have visioned you experiencing what a real pool of fresh clean water will feel for you on those hot summer days. I have visioned you rolling around in the grass and lying there in total silence…no trucks, no highways..just the sounds of nature.
    I have visioned the spirit slowly returning to those Golden eyes of yours. I have visioned the sense of Peace as I picture your face….and I have felt your Soul, rejuvenated for the Very First Time Of Your Life…
    I vision, I dream, I hope, I pray, and I will never stop fighting until you Beautiful Boy have this…
    Anyone who reads this. Please help give TONY THE TIGER his life BACK. Please sign, share and share until you cant share anymore this petition I am attaching to stop Michael Sandlin from having his permit renewed. So Tony can have his life back. Ty xo

  2. how many times do we have to shout
    it is time to let tony out
    tigers are not property nor pets
    what about this fact
    does his captor not get!!!!

    karen lyons kalmenson
  3. That sounds were irresponsible and uncaring that the US government does not keep record of how many captive tigers there are. This should definitely be against the law. These are wild animals who deserve to be free and live a normal tiger life. If they want a cat, adopt from the shelters, there are so many lovable cats dying for a good home.

    Brenda Robinson

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