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Networking Tony’s Petition

Tony’s newest petition Urging The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries not to renew the permit to Tiger Truck Stop was posted on July 21, 2010 and as of this writing has 3,223 signatures. Its goal is 10,000 signatures.

We’re asking all FTTT members who have not already signed it to please sign and share the link. If you have signed, please continue to network the petition link to family and friends via e-mail, posting it on social networking sites such as FaceBook or tweeting it. These are all easy options right from the petition page itself. If you have a blog or website consider grabbing a widget for the petition and posting it there too.

Continue posting Tony’s petition on FaceBook to other pages you feel may support it. Some suggestions: Animal welfare organizations, domestic cat pages (maybe asking for the little cats to help their big cousin Tony?) big cat and tiger-related pages on FaceBook, colleges that use tigers as their mascots such as LSU, MU.

For example here are some links for LSU:

The LSU Athletics Social Media Directory can be found here:

LSU’s community feed on Twitter:

LSU on FaceBook:

Even LSU’s Mike The Tiger has a Twitter and FaceBook page. Maybe “he” would like to help a fellow tiger:

Recently posted on Mike’s page:

Will Mike The Tiger support another tiger in Louisiana? Tony is a 10 year old tiger used as a roadside attraction at a truck stop in Grosse Tete LA. The Free Tony The Tiger Campaign’s objective is to have Tony relocated to an accredited big cat sanctuary. Please sign Tony’s petition and share the link at: Thank You.

Keeping Tony’s petition in the public eye and posting it to different pages and groups is very important to reach the goal of 10,000 signatures. Tony needs all of us to work together and to continue being a strong and unified voice for him. Please keep roaring for Tony.


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