Ace Bourke Blogs About Tony 9.17.2010   1 comment

Ace Bourke Blogs About Tony 9.17.2010

Ace Bourke of Christian The Lion fame wrote a blog post titled Aboriginal Art, Election, Botany Bay, Save Tony The Tiger Etc which included Tony, his petition link and link to Tony’s other pages. Thanks to John Martin for bringing Tony’s story to the attention of Mr. Bourke whose blog post follows:

Free Tony the Tiger!

SAVE TONY THE TIGER: I was emailed by John Martin who has drawn my attention to the campaign to release Tony the Tiger in Louisiana, who has been kept in a cage at the Tiger Truck Stop as a gimmick for all his life (9 years). Despite repeated violations of the Animal Welfare Act and the inherent cruelty, there has been no action by the authorities, and I think we should all sign the petition – and spread the word – to ensure the permit to allow Tony to remain imprisoned is not renewed again by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.  I think we should also directly contact the Department, but of course you will make up your own mind, see: Petition.  

 Other Relevant Sites:  

Ace Bourke was born in Sydney in 1946. Ace is one of Australia’s leading art curators; a pioneer in the field of Aboriginal art and a colonial art specialist. After school and university in Australia he travelled to London where he and a friend John Rendall purchased a lion they named Christian, and returned to the wild in Africa. He lives in Sydney with his two cats.


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  1. Thanks Mr. Bourke!!!! You have made my day. I know Christian is watching over Tony from heaven. Thank you sir!

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