Leonardo DiCaprio Tweets 4 Tony / “Truck Stop Tiger Will Break Your Heart” From Tiny Green Bubble   1 comment

Thanks to Christina Lausen for bringing Tony’s story to the attention of  Tiny Green Bubble and to Jocelyn Saurini for her great post about Tony titled: Truck Stop Tiger Will Break Your Heart.

Your comments are appreciated on the post at: http://tinygreenbubble.com/eco/environmental/animal-rights/item/925-truck-stop-tiger-will-break-your-heart

Tiny Green Bubble Twitter followers also were kind enough to tweet about Tony and got the attention of Leonardo DiCaprio who in turn tweeted this:

@TinyGreenBubble Thx for sharing. Tragic to see big cats in captivity – an important story to retweet: http://bit.ly/aYpv8I #savetigersnow 7:59 PM Oct 15th via web

What is Tiny Green Bubble?

Tiny Green Bubble is the online destination of anyone who is interested in living green, living fair, and living aware – but still living fun. It’s about good content that is easy to digest, interesting trends, and easy ways to incorporate social awareness into your everyday modern life.

Important Reminder: Please see https://freetonythetiger.wordpress.com/take-action/ for  information on where to voice your objections to the renewal of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries’ permit to Tiger Truck Stop and sign Tony’s petition at http://tinyurl.com/ldwfnopertts


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One response to “Leonardo DiCaprio Tweets 4 Tony / “Truck Stop Tiger Will Break Your Heart” From Tiny Green Bubble

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  1. What a shame. This has really made me MAD!!!!!! How can this be????? I feel so sorry for TONY and they should put his owner in a cage and let us view at him. Then I would go to that station again but not until the owner is behind gray bars!!!!!

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