Recent Pictures of Tony – Courtesy of Ask The Trucker   2 comments

Photos courtesy of our very good friends at Ask The Trucker. Recent pictures of Tony from October 15, 2010. Captions on the pictures are from the photographer. Thank You Ask The Trucker for sharing these pictures.

At the Tiger Truck stop in Grosse Tete, La. Tony is very skinny and came out to eat some grass. Photo Courtesy of

Tony taking a drink. Photo Courtesy of

Can you see how thin Tony is? He's still bent down eating grass. Photo Courtesy of

Also from Ask The Trucker January 2010:  Fight for Tony The Tiger Freedom Continues
and from January 2009: Truck Stop fights to keep Tony the Tiger

About Ask The Trucker: Articles Current News and Information for CDL Truck Drivers and Truck Driving Students…”Raising the Standards of the Trucking Industry”

Urgent: It’s very important to take action for Tony. More info here: Share the “Take Action” link, network it to friends, family, anyone and any place you feel it can gain support for Tony. There are less than 2 months left before the permit renewal. Tony’s health, welfare and life are at stake.


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2 responses to “Recent Pictures of Tony – Courtesy of Ask The Trucker

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  1. i am sooooo appalled at this creep guy at the truckstop and Louisiana officials!!! Apparently, they are unevolved idiots.
    Ana DiNinno

  2. Hang on Tony . . . You’ll be HOME soon.

    Hopefully those of you working on getting Tony away from that damned stinky truckstop have reached out to all the truckers Facebook pages noted on that particular blog and the YouTube accounts as well, to get more signatures on any/all petitions as December draws closer. Those drivers need to know NOT to spend money there too!

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