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Photo from the WWFUS video “Tigers Among Us”

“You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result”

CNN and The World Wildlife Fund recently covered the serious situation of privately owned tigers in the United States. See CNN’s article at:  Your comments are appreciated on the CNN article.

Explore the WWF report for actions you can take to help tigers.   There are many helpful links, especially  where you can easily access contact info for the media, your elected officials and the USDA. Big Cat Rescue, a partner in WWF’s International Tiger Coalititon is also featured in this article.

It would have been great exposure for Tony if he was included in the WWF’s interactive map and their report. Emails were sent asking for coverage of Tony’s story to both CNN and WWF. WWF and CNN contact info follows. Please take a moment to tell both CNN and the WWF about Tony and ask them to please give coverage to his story. Never give up networking Tony’s story. It’s imperative to Act Now for Tony.



Topic started on WWF’s Facebook discussion page “Tigers Among Us”:


Online form:



Topic started on CNN’s Facebook discussion page:!/topic.php?uid=5550296508&topic=31216


Main Contact Page:

Online General Comments:

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