Blog Post From Tony “The Truck Stop” Tiger – Revisited   3 comments

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The following is the post on   for Tony. Please visit the link and add your comments and see  for actions you can take for Tony regarding this video.

Tony “The Truck Stop” Tiger – Revisited

By   – Thursday, October 28th, 2010 at 6:22 am  

I recently had the opportunity to visit the famous Tony the Tiger, the 10 year old Siberian/Bengal tiger at the Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete, Louisiana.  Having last seen him about six years ago, I was curious to observe how he was doing.  Still in his unchanged cage, we were able to draw him out of his hiding spot and was able to see Tony move around in his small quarters.

He moved slowly around the cage, almost lethargically, and I was able to capture our visit on video.

Animal rights activists continue the fight to free this beautiful animal which has been caged since birth.  Big Cat Rescue of Tampa, Florida is asking for help from those who believe that Tony deserves a better home.  Their website explains:

“Tiger Truck Stop owner, Michael Sandlin’s, permit to keep Tony the tiger at the truck stop in Gross Tete, LA is up for renewal soon and with your help the LA. Dept. of Wildlife & Fisheries and USDA  may choose to not renew him.  This would enable Tony to move to a sanctuary away from the torment of being kept on concrete, breathing gas fumes and being annoyed by every carload of yahoos that drive through.”

“Here is what we need:

“Veterinarians who will send us notarized affidavits that it is unhealthy to cage an animal at a truck stop next to gas pumps due to the fumes from the pumps and the 24/7 traffic of diesel trucks.”

“Statements from veterinarians and other experts that attest to the fact that being kept on concrete is detrimental to the health and comfort of big cats.  He has a grass yard, but is often prevented from accessing it, and there is no shade there.”

“Eye witness reports, photos and videos of Tony living in squalor at the Tiger Truck Stop.”

They are asking for this type of information to be mailed to:

Big Cat Rescue
12802 Easy Street
Tampa, FL 33625

Or you can email them to:

Here is the video of Tony “The Truck Stop” Tiger from our recent visit . . . you can decide if Tony deserves a better home:

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3 responses to “Blog Post From Tony “The Truck Stop” Tiger – Revisited

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  1. I cannot believe this is happening in the USA. This is animal cruelty at it’s worst. The owner has no real love or care for this precious animal. Enough is enough!! No living thing should be subjected to such horrible living conditions! To you truckers in this area, PLEASE BOYCOTT the Tiger Truck Stop. Michael Sandlin does not deserve to have his license renewed to keep Tony and you can help us by not giving him any business whats so ever! And for all you animal lovers please spread this info to as many people that you know to help free him asap. Do it for Tony. Do it for what is right!!

  2. Michael Sandlin does not deserve to have his license renewed!Tony needs to be in a sanctuary before he loses any more weight, & possibly comes down with a condition casued by gas fumes. This is not the way to treat any animal!Free Tony to a sanctuary so the remainder of his life can be healthy&happy!

  3. I hope that the truck stop owner will either release Tony voluntarily to BCR, or simply go out of business…poor kitty, in small cage for so many years..

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