WWF Adds Tony To “Tigers Among Us”   3 comments

The WWF’s “Tigers Among Us” report  was posted on here last week. Please see http://www.worldwildlife.org/species/finder/tigers/captive-tigers scroll down to the interactive map and click on the state of Louisiana and see “who” was added today. Thanks so much WWF for your support of Tony and being an advocate for the thousands of privately owned tigers in the United States.



Posted October 28, 2010 by Free Tony The Tiger in Uncategorized

3 responses to “WWF Adds Tony To “Tigers Among Us”

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  1. Thank you WWF…I hope something is done for Tony and all the other Cats…They need tougher laws to help them.With WWF maybe this will happen…

  2. THANK YOU for this post !! I will keep roaring for Tony!!

  3. Last week Donna and I went to visit Tony and Took a video…it was heart breaking.
    Tony was thin, tired looking ( appeared weak) and spent most of his time outside his small wooden box enclosure, eating large chunks of grass. There was a small bowl of water for him, which he drank from at the end of the video.

    Please help this tiger as his permit renewal renewal is up in Dec. I believe we need to act quickly and let these officials know that this is an ELECTION YEAR!!

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