Recent Pictures of Tony   5 comments

These pictures of  Tony serve as important reminders to anyone who visits Tony to send pictures, videos and accounts of what they see to Big Cat Rescue – Tampa FL at this email address: 

See this link for more information:

Also contact the Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries, etc. to report what you see and voice your concerns for Tony. Their contact info and more can be found at this link:

First photo taken November 7, 2010; others are from September 26, 2010. All used with permission to “Free Tony The Tiger” –  

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5 responses to “Recent Pictures of Tony

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  1. How can this be allowed to happen to such a beautiful animal,he is so lonely and miserable being on his own ,not even toys of some sought to distract him,this man who owns him should be ashamed of himself for letting him live like this ,laws have to be changed ,exotic animals should not be sold to the public,it is dangerous ,and not fair to the animals,you cannot keep a tiger in the garage ,or a crocodile in a shed ,in Australia this is not allowed ,thank goodness,why is it we see something beautiful and we have to put it in a cage and deprive it of it;s freedom?

  2. Its time to free this animal, he does not belong in a cage, let him feel the grass, let him be wild if only for a minute.

  3. Read the posts – look at the pictures, then call the Governor to protest the tiger being held at a truck stop.
    1 – Louisiana Dept Wildlife/Fisheries went against their own policy/statement that private ownership of tigers and caging them is dangerous for the public and detrimental to the health of the tiger. Yet they ignored their own ruling and allowed the owner to have a permit.

    2 – The City Parish Council’s permit was very definite. No tiger unless the owner carried liability insurance. From the inception of this ruling, the owner NEVER got the insurance for over one year. When this was discovered the president of the council gave him two weeks to purchase the insurance instead of removing the tiger.

    Good ole boy dirty politics. The Governor has pledged to clean up the state. Tell him he should start at the truck stop in Grosse Tete and investigate his LDWF and this corrupt city council.

    Phone @ is 225-342-0991. Please call and share with others.

  4. Please call the Governor of Louisiana and protest this tiger being held at the truck stop. When the parish council issued their permit the owner was to get liability insurance… this was never done and the council looked the other way and just ignored it. Good ole boy dirty politics in action. Please tell the Governor to investigate this dirty political mess and have the tiger released to a safe sanctuary where politics aren’t part of his life.
    Governor’s phone is 225-342-0991. Thank you.

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