Roar For Tony TODAY! Contact Governor Bobby Jindal   2 comments

This great action alert for Tony from Big Cat Rescue – Tampa FL, which is very important to act on, targets most all of the key decision makers regarding the LDWF permit except for a few, one being Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Two weeks ago we had a “call in/write in” day to the Governor and TODAY we’ll be doing this again.

Contact the Governor and express your concerns for Tony’s health and welfare,  and your objections to the renewal of the Lousiana Depatment of Wildlife and Fisheries permit to Tony’s owner Michael Sandlin

  • Call Governor Jindal’s office:

1-225-342-7015 and 1-225-342-0991.

  • This link will take you to Governor Jindal’s online email form. You do NOT have to be a resident of Louisiana or a US citizen. As you fill in the contact info you will come to PARISH – click on the drop sown menu and scroll down to the bottom where you will see “out of state”.

You can include in your message:

Ask The Trucker’s Post With Their Original Video:

Ask the Trucker’s Post With Raw Video Footage of Tony: 

Big Cat Rescue – Tampa FL’s Video For Tony:  

Report About Tony from Issues With Jane Velez Mitchell:

  • If  you have a Twitter account tweet the Governor or retweet “Tony’s” tweets. Follow Tony on Twitter at:  Some of today’s tweets:

@BobbyJindal Will #Louisiana Save Tony?? How much longer must he suffer?  #freetonytiger #animalabuse #animalcruelty

@BobbyJindal Activist: #Louisiana shamed by tiger’s plight ““His quality of #life is zero.” #freetonytiger @2theadvocate

@BobbyJindal @LDWF Position statement on privately owned #tigers: How can this be justified?? #freetonytiger

@BobbyJindal “I’m asking you to once again (believe in #Louisiana) Help Tony The #Truck Stop #Tiger.” #freetonytiger

@BobbyJindal Iberville Parish Council amended ordinance to allow “one” individual 2 keep & display tiger. #freetonytiger

@BobbyJindal #Louisiana #law #tigers legally owned 8/15/06 grandfathered in #freetonytiger not legally owned per ‘93 ord.

You can add a link or picture to your comment. Video links:

From Ask The Trucker:  or

Big Cat Rescue’s video:  

  • Written letters to the Governor can be mailed to:

Governor Bobby Jindal

Office of The Governor
P. O. Box 94004
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9004

  • And faxed to: 1-225-342-7099

Show your support for Tony TODAY by contacting Governor Jindal. For more ways you can help Tony EVERYDAY visit Tony’s “Take Action” pages: and 

Thanks to Martha Skinner Hoffman for this great idea and for her dedicated support to Tony, and Thank You to ALL of Tony’s friends for their continued support in the fight to give Tony the life and home he deserves.


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2 responses to “Roar For Tony TODAY! Contact Governor Bobby Jindal

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  1. please show some compassion for tony and release him to an animal sanctuary where this king will be free to roam and breed more of his kind. do not let this truck stop owner exploit tony for money any longer. he has been cited in the past with numerous violations regarding the substandard care tony has received. do not let him cage any other animal. the size of the cage is enough to drive a human insane. god put this magnificent cat on earth to be cherished, respected, protected and admired from afar. please do the right thing for tony.

    • Thank you for supporting Free Tony The Tiger. An accredited big cat sanctuary, such as Big Cat Rescue of Tampa FL, does not breed, sell, buy, or trade their cats. What a sanctuary such as Big Cat Rescue could provide Tony is a natural spacious habitat of earth, grass, trees, logs, a den, a pool, enrichment, proper diet and medical care and the respect Tony deserves. If the LDWF’s priorities are Tony health and welfare, and not the special interest of his owner, they will revoke the permit, otherwise they sentence Tony to another year of inadequate care in the unacceptable environment of a truck stop.

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