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Tony’s Petition:

Tony’s petition now has 10,250 signatures exceeding the goal of 10,000. Please sign if you haven’t and share the link: Thank you to Angie Tipler who started this petition for Tony.

Louisiana Residents:

If you are a Louisiana Resident who has visited Tony, please message us with your name, city, email address, and phone number at  

Take Action For Tony:

Visit Tony’s “Take Action” Page either at: or for ways you can advocate for Tony everyday.

This Past Week:

Monday November 8, 2010:

Recent pictures of Tony posted. Anyone who visits Tony and who has pictures and/or video and can provide an account of what they saw are asked to send all of this information to More info at:

 Thursday November 11, 2010:

Big Cat Rescue – Tampa FL posts an “Action Alert” for Tony where the public can contact the key descion makers regarding the LDWF permit. Take Action For Tony and share this link: 

Friday November 12, 2010:

Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell reported Tony’s story. See this link for ways to comment on the show:

Saturday November 13, 2010:

Ask The Trucker posts raw video footage of their visit to Tiger Truck Stop on October 15, 2010. On Youtube: Your comments are appreciated.

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