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A tweet from Issues With Jane Velez Mitchell for Tony and Big Cat Rescue. Follow Tony on Twitter

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Recent blog posts for/mentioning Tony:

Pictures courtesy of Ask The Trucker from their visit to Tiger Truck Stop on October 15, 2010. If you have visited Tony and have pictures/video and can provide an account of what you saw contact:  More info at:

Photos Courtesy of

Photos Courtesy of

Photos Courtesy of

Photos Courtesy of

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  1. HLN report on Tony the Truck Stop Tiger:
    My parents were visiting my aunt in Texas and went through Louisiana on their way home just a few days ago. They stopped to see Tony the truck stop tiger in Grosse Tete this morning and took photos. They said that his “swimming pool” is a water trough that you’d have for a horse, and two little kids were there throwing stones at Tony and my mother had to tell them to stop. I wonder how many times a day that happens to poor Tony?? :*( I guess those two kids were the “domestic terrorists” and “animal activists” that Sandlin was talking about on the HLN interview?? They also said that all Tony did was pace back and forth, which is stereotypical behavior for confined animals, and they also said that the semi trucks are parked very close to his cage, where he has to breathe in the diesel fumes 24/7. No animal should be forced to live like that….

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