Critics seek to move tiger from truck   1 comment


December 3, 2010| by: Jill Dunn

Wildlife advocacy groups are urging Louisiana officials to oust the state’s last privately owned big cat from its Tiger Truck Stop home.

Tiger President Michael Sandlin’s permit to house the 10-year-old Bengal-Siberian mix at his Baton Rouge area truck stop expires Dec. 31, said Commissioner Bo Boehringer, of the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission.

A request for renewal has not yet been received. But if it and supporting documents are received, the commission makes an on-site visit. The applicant then is informed by letter of the commission’s decision, which, if approved, is good for one year,

The Wild Animal Sanctuary and other wildlife advocates have been petitioning Louisiana officials to remove the animal and publicized the board would meet in regular session Dec. 2. But permit decisions are not made at board meetings, Boehringer said.

Louisiana bans private ownership of big cats, except for four owners grandfathered in on Aug. 15, 2006.  But after the law was passed, only Sandlin remained as a big cat owner, he said.

The business’ website, has posted statements disagreeing with charges made by wildlife protection groups that Tony’s living conditions are hazardous to him and a safety risk to the public.


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One response to “Critics seek to move tiger from truck

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  1. It’s interesting for as many lovers as they claim for Tony, who as they say is ‘family,’ there’s no new petition to represent their own fight to keep him. The old petition pops up, which was closed long ago after ONLY getting a few hundred signers of their targeted 5K, though many of those were of people who were actually protesting Tony being there! It’s odd too that they bothered to pick through and selected some old comments to post, AS IF they are of any significance when compared to the THOUSANDS who have come together from all around the world, wanting Tony outta that damned stinky hellhole! May the power be in the numbers!

    Hold on Sweet Boy. Freedom is in the stars.

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