For Tony: Recap Of This Past Week & Reminders   2 comments

One of Tony’s young supporters, Breawna Smith, asked her parents to make an 8 hour drive from their Florida home to visit Tony at Tiger Truck Stop. Breawna made a heartfelt video for Tony and it was very touching when she left flowers and a note for him. Please see the video and leave your comments:

It is truly inspiring to see this young girl touched by Tony’s story and speaking up for him.

 Thank You Breawna – you are a great friend and advocate for Tony and we truly appreciate your support of Tony.

The WSPA sponsored petition for Tony on Care2 closed on December 9, 2010 with 40, 729 signatures.

“Twilight” actor Kellan Lutz RT’d a tweet for Tony which included Big Cat Rescue’s video of Tony.

Blogging this week for Tony:

Teddy Hilton: 

Alicia Gaef on Care2:

Todd Dills at


Ongoing Call In To Gov. Jindal and LDWF Secretary Barham: State your concern for Tony and objections to the LDWF permit renewal. All information here:

Big Cat Rescue – Tampa FL’s Action Alert for Tony targeting key decision makers in Louisiana:

Louisiana Residents: Your elected officials need to hear your concerns for Tony. As their constituents you have a strong voice about issues in your state. See this link for contact info for Gov. Jindal, your senators, congressmen, etc:

More ways EVERYONE can take action for Tony:

Thanks to all of Tony’s supporters for your continued participation in the efforts to relocate Tony to the home and life he deserves. Don’t ever give up on him.  

Advocating for Tony not only exposes Tony’s situation, but also gives a name and face to the 1,000’s of other tigers privately owned in the United States who are exploited in entertainment shows, roadside zoos and circuses, photos ops, bred for profit and are kept as pets. See Big Cat Rescue – Tampa FL’s video about privately owned tigers in the United States here: and sign this action alert to “End Tiger Farming In The US” here:


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2 responses to “For Tony: Recap Of This Past Week & Reminders

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  1. What an awesome little girl. If she can see this is wrong for Tony I sure hope the ones that know better fix this..Your parents are very proud of you I am sure. Thanks to the parents for driving the 8 hrs for her and Tony..

  2. Thank you Breawna for all your wonderfull and great support you giving for Tony!!! If he had more friends like you, he must not stay at such an terrible place, he will be free !!!

    Please go on with your wonderfull help for his freedom, Roar with him and for him – until he is free!!!

    Thorsten Kassebeer

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