To All Of Tony’s Friends: Thank You   2 comments

Everyone’s dedication and support of Tony is truly appreciated. This collaborative effort has given Tony’s story and Tony a strong voice. We have clearly shown how much we care about Tony and disapprove of this exploitive display and the injustice imposed upon this beautiful cat. With the renewal of the permit, they will continue to hear our outrage.

Show your support for Tony and your objections to this decision by contacting LDWF, Gov. Jindal. Sec. Barham, etc. Contact info:

Inasmuch as this decision is very disappointing as well as angering, don’t be discouraged. Please don’t give up on Tony.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Posted December 18, 2010 by Free Tony The Tiger in Uncategorized

2 responses to “To All Of Tony’s Friends: Thank You

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  1. I’ll keep supporting Tony! This is so sad…but we can’t give up….this is just WRONG! It’s not even legal. How can anyone treat a beautiful tiger like Sandlin does?!Any animal I’m sure he would abuse (him) in some way…he had one tiger killed & stuffed,& sits on the buffet..what does that tell you?!…& he was a kitten…we all need to support Tony..all the time!

  2. Poor Tony! It is tragic that he is sentenced to another year in the truck stop. I cannot say I am surprised. Louisiana is not the most progressive state where animal welfare is concerned. Still with the eyes of the global community upon them I had hoped for a different outcome for Tony. He deserves to have a more natural environment away from vehicles and exhaust and noise and fuel fumes and lights 24/7. I had to really search to find out what the decision was in the case. The public mostly is unaware of the permit renewal; it needs to be publicized. Start the effort now for December 2011 when his permit comes up for renewal again. IWith all the animal activists on his side , the fact that he lost this battle again means we all have to work harder sooner for his release .

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