Recent Picture of Tony On Twitpic   2 comments

This picture of Tony was found Sunday 1.9.2011 on Twitter. Direct link: Follow Tony at: Please add #FreeTonyTiger to your tweets.

Ways you can continue to advocate for Tony:


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2 responses to “Recent Picture of Tony On Twitpic

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  1. I read about Tony today, sucks they just renewed the permit. I was thinking though, since they seem to be willing to hold onto that grandfathered law in LA and have consistently renewed his permit, maybe you should send some letters to kelloggs. Calling the tiger tony is a blatant copyright infringement and they will not want anything to do with some random truck stop being protested for animal cruelty. They could make him stop calling the tiger tony since it is obviously a marketing ploy that gives his rest stop a free ride based on a trademark they’ve had since the late 50’s. If they could get force the owner to change the name or relinquish profits made off of using the name it might encourage him to sell the tiger.

  2. The picture they show all over of Tony is him lying in an area full of grass. His pen obviously has not has a refill of grass and the poor thing only has mud and sand. We can’t stop here, like I said earlier, he needs to be enriched with chasing fish in a pond, leaping after butterflies and running with the wind. He remains in my thoughts with the hope of a brighter day for him.

    Love-the-Animal Charlene M

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