Ian Somerhalder Foundation RTs For Tony   26 comments

Thanks to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation for the retweet about Tony on Twitter. It’s important to keep Tony’s story visible so it reaches more people and gains their support for him. The retweet drew more followers to Tony on Twitter who may not have known about him.

Tony on Twitter: http://twitter.com/FreeTonyTiger

Ian Somerhalder was born and raised in Covington, Louisiana, and is best known for playing Boone Carlyle in the TV drama Lost and Damon Salvatore in the TV drama The Vampire Diaries.

About the IS Foundation

MISSION: The IS FOUNDATION aims to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures.

Website: http://www.isfoundation.com/ 

Twitter: http://twitter.com/IS_Foundation

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ISFoundation

From The IS Foundation website:


Have a project or idea you want to share with us? We’re all ears! Send a brief introductory email about your project or idea to idea-project@isfoundation.com

(Information was sent to them about Tony – We have to keep trying all avenues possible to get this handsome boy to the home and life he deserves. Your e-mails are appreciated as well. Let’s show them how many people care about Tony!)

Ian also sent a tweet out for Tony about this post and it generated some awesome response.

Keep Roaring For Tony – share his story anywhere you can – with friends, family, online – Don’t ever give up on him.

Ways to advocate for Tony: https://freetonythetiger.wordpress.com/2010/12/30/for-tony-theres-only-one-thing-that-can-guarantee-our-failure-and-thats-if-we-quit/

26 responses to “Ian Somerhalder Foundation RTs For Tony

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  1. ian sei fantastico…non solo sei un uomo incredibilmente affascinante ma cio che fai fa vedere qunto il tuo animo sia buono…..io amo gli animali piu degli esseri umani……mi piacerebbe che anche noi uomini non comosciuti nel mondo potessimo fare qualcosa per aiutare gli animali…..IL MONDO SENZA GLI ANIMALI SAREBBE TRISTE….SONO LORO LA BELLEZZA DEL MONDO……..GRAZIE IAN CHE ALMENO TU TI BATTI QUESTE GRANDI CAUSE……….BACI ALESSIA

  2. Thanks for helping raise awareness of the plight of Tony the Tiger. Let’s hope that next year he will finally be free to live out his days somewhere humane. Congratulations on the success of the IS Foundation. If you ever need the services of an anthropologist/vet/conservationist let me know.

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  4. We don’t stop and eventually Tony will be able to run with the wind, leap for butterflies, chase fish in a pond of water, and gaze up at the stars in contentment. BUT WE CAN’T GIVE UP.

  5. If every single person in the world would be like you, there wouldn’t be ANY kind of problems in the world! YOU’RE AMAZING! Thank you sooooooooo much for doing this 🙂 By doing this you make me love you even more. I’m a big fan of you Ian !!!!!!!! Xoxo (L)

  6. Thank you Ian for bringing this horrific situation to the attention of us all. I signed the petition when I first saw this and am sorry that poor Tony is sentenced to another year of this. It is sad that we as people have not evolved as much as I would have hoped with compassion for all this world has to offer. I think that we seriously need to take a step back and REALLY LOOK at what we are, who we are and where we want to take our beautiful world in our lives. Only then, will we all realize what we can and should do to make Mother Earth the best it can and should be. The smallest of actions or reations can make such a difference. It starts with us. It ends with us. I know the IS Foundation and it’s founder, Ian, will do all it can to make the wrongs right. You have my full support Ian. You go boy! 🙂

  7. Hi everyone,

    The Discovery Channel has a show called Wild Animal Repo with Scott Lope. You can email animals@rrstaff.com to tell them about Tony and hopefully have him featured on the show.


  8. I think you do such a great thing for these animals 🙂
    You’re a very good person, because you use your celebrity to help them. Many Persons should learn a lesson from you 🙂

  9. I am outraged by such a thing … How can someone mistreat an animal like that. Animals are docile and harmless creatures. In my opinion people who do this are monsters about, For the love of an animal is the most sincere that is. No longer just the place where he was stealing their homes? Mistreating an animal and make him live in these conditions is horrible is totally inhumane.

  10. thank you so much Ian!!!!

  11. I would just like to join the others on commenting on this tragic case of animal abuse. First of all: Thank you Ian Somerhalder for caring so much about animal welfare, you are a role model for young people, what you say and do are noticed and makes a difference! Free Tony and every other animal that is caged in for the amusement of humans only! Teach your children to care about animals. I will never take my daughter to the circus until they stop abusing animals for entertainment purposes. I love animals and will always protest against animal cruelty.

  12. Im not from the USA, but If I were I would try with every fibre of my being to help Tony.
    Such a beautiful creature, just left in a confined cage all alone – breaks my heart.

    Ian, a heart-felt thank you for all your efforts in correcting this cruelty against Tony.
    If only there were more people like you in this world.

  13. i dont know if mr somerhalder have any idea how much he can do just in posting a link on his twitter…he got more than 500.000 followers. imagine if there are “just” 10% who will click on his tweets an join tony the tiger…or anything else he posted….just pefect…thanx Ian!!!!!!

  14. To me animals have always been more important than anything else in the world. We made to many mistakes, distroy THEIR homes to build OUR homes and OUR streets there, we use wild animals for our entertainment, some of us kill them – just “for fun”…and that really hurts me. It means a lot to me if celebrities like IAN SOMERHALDER show that they care, use their names to help and show the world what’s really going on…PEOPLE like Mr. SOMERHALDER are important – just like all those animals that need our help!!!

  15. I just found out about your organization today and the fight to free Tony. Ten years ago I saw Tony for the first time and it has broken my heart every day since. I live in Austin, TX and as a child lived in Covington, LA. It was during one of these trips to New Orleans that we saw Tony. Even then as a teenager I knew how wrong it was. If you have never been there, let me set the tone for you. This beautiful animals “home” is a small area consisting only of concrete, metal bars and a small area of water. His only amusement, a large ball. The first time I saw him, what I witnessed of the public was as appalling as his surroundings. People surrounded his cage shouting to get his attention and threw truck stop snacks into his cage. Outraged, I yelled at the people doing this to stop and soon after went into the truckstop to inform them of what was going on. I quickly told the women behind the counter of the situation and was met with an eye roll and shrug of her shoulders. “What do you want me to do about it?” she replied and went back to her business. I was horrified. Every trip back to New Orleans from that day on I stopped at that truck stop in hopes that Tony would no longer be there and each time I was met with despair. Each time I saw him, I would quietly make eye contact with him and you could see no spark that should have been in this animals eyes. Last year, my husband and I took a trip down to New Orleans, our first together. It had been 8 years since I had made that drive down and as we drove I told him about Tony. ” Surely after ten years he’s been removed” I said. When we drove into the truck stop my heart sank as I saw the giant cement cage looming against the night sky. I quickly jumped out of the car and approached the cage to see Tony. He sat lazily in the corner, the same faded ball off to his side, absolutely nothing had changed in his habitat. My heart broke knowing that this poor animal spent the past ten years of his life like this. We provide serial killers, rapists and child molesters with more comfortable surroundings than this innocent creature. What gives me hope today is knowing that there is a fight out there and voices for Tony. Thank you Ian for bringing his story to the masses. I pray that we can put a stop to this.

    Jessica Poessiger

  16. Hey you post error link in description.

    Website: http://www.isfoundation.com/

    Twitter: http://twitter.com/IS_Foundation

    Facebook: http://twitter.com/IS_Foundation

  17. I love that you are using your celebrity status to do good things. Animals get underrepresented and abused continually. Animals like Tony the Tiger are locked up and mistreated for human amusement. Frankly, it’s disgusting and I am glad you are bringing attention to it.
    Keep up the good work on Vampire Diaries and please come to Salt Lake City so I can meet you:)

  18. The things that we do as humans to entertain ourselves at some poor animals expense!!! To think this tiger has lived confined in this small cage is unforgiving to say the least….wonder how the owner would adapt to the same conditions? Bet he couldn’t last a day…jerk

  19. I see the goal wasnt reached…is Tony still in the truck stop?

  20. Remarkable job Ian. Good luck! You truly deserve it 🙂

  21. Hey.. there’s a mistake up there… it says Facebook: http://twitter.com/IS_Foundation not the facebook address. this is an amazing foundation! Hopefully we can make the foundation proud and really help make changes!

  22. Ian thank you so much for helping Tony!! You are so amazing!

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