Recent Pic of Tony Via Twitter 1.18.2011   2 comments

Picture found today of  Tony via Twitter.  Tony on Twitter:!/FreeTonyTiger

Ways to advocate for Tony:

Direct link to picture:


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2 responses to “Recent Pic of Tony Via Twitter 1.18.2011

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  1. Shame on all involved in keeping this beautiful animal a risoner in this miserable lonely cage ,Tony should be enjoying a peaceful happier life in the sanctuary that was made available to him ,despite over 40,000 signing the petition to free him from this noisy smelly hole,the main offender being the Loisiana wildlife and fisheries who by renewing the permit to Mr. Sandlands condemmned Tony to how many more years of misery,the very organisaton that is supposed to be working for animals betrayed him ,why would the wishes of 40,000 be ignored ?and the questionable desire of one selfish man be granted?

  2. If I had seen this, I would have been afraid he wasn’t breathing anymore. A reality that will likely come too soon . . .

    Yes, I fear Tony will die right there; that he will never be free of that wretched hell hole. He is obviously bored, likely with no more desire to just exist. He’s breathing through tainted lungs, but many heartbeats away from a real life where someone will care about his health and happiness. That is, IF he can last long enough.

    I’m begging the angels above, to please help get this boy to sanctuary, where he can finally live life – for the first time in his life on this planet.

    May god damn all those who have done nothing! Who have done nothing for YEARS! All those who look at Tony, and see nothing wrong with his life, should be ashamed. They have prevented this precious wild animal from having something even slightly similar to his natural desire! Damn them all straight to hell.

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