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Thanks to for permission to post their pictures of Tony taken on February 11, 2011. is ” A place where truck drivers and anything with wheels can be social.” The support of truckers and the trucking community for Tony is important and very appreciated.

Reminder:  If you go to Tiger Truck Stop to see Tony document your visit with photographs or video and email them along with your personal statement to: Big Cat Rescue – Tampa Florida at   Their mailing address is 12802 Easy St. Tampa, FL 33625. Please also post your pictures and videos of Tony on his Facebook page:  Your concerns for Tony’s health and welfare along with your photos should also be brought to the attention of the LDWF: Secretary Barham, Maria Davidson and Fred Kimmel. Their contact information can be found at:

Also contact the USDA. From : “Report Animal Abuse to USDA” It takes many years and many complaints to get the USDA to take action so it is important that you contact them with facts, photos, videos and information they can use.

USDA contact info at:

The USDA’s Investigative and Enforcement Services

For more ways to stay involved and support Tony:


2 responses to “Pictures of Tony Courtesy

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  1. thanks for sharing although makes me terribly sad that he has to endure this kind of life. gotta get him out of there!

  2. Thank you for sharing these. We made it to Wal-Mart today for the other pictures of Tony, it was with a disposable camera so you get what you pay for unfortunately.
    I will be more than happy to share those with you as well because you are a very nice lady and respect others a long with the opinions.

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