For Tony: Recap & Thanks   4 comments

It’s inspiring to see so many people who care about Tony voicing their concerns for him. No matter where we are or what our passions and causes may be, we band together to support one another because of our love and respect for animals. Thanks to the following groups and friends of Tony for recently advocating on his behalf:

 To everyone who participated in this week’s action for Tony directed at Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal during Louisiana’s Week For The Animals. Your continued support in actions for Tony would be appreciated; visit  

Ian Somerhalder once again “roared” for Tony with a retweet and tweet. Each time Ian sends a “shout out” on Twitter about Tony it triggers great interest about him as well as support. Learn more about Ian’s IS Foundation at:   

 Friends For Seals for their support of Tony on Twitter. This organization is “fighting the annual Canadian Harp seal pup massacre, the largest marine mammal on the entire planet.” For more information and ways you can join their efforts against this senseless brutal slaughter visit:

ISF India for supporting Tony and blogging about him:

 ISF India is another member of the ISF Family. Follow them on Twitter:  

Chans from the Netherlands recently blogged about Tony and Friends For Seals on her site Silent Butterfly:  and   It’s amazing how Tony’s story has reached worldwide status; blogging about Tony and sharing his story brings more support for him and also raises awareness to the serious issue of privately owned tigers in the United States.  

Friends For Seals - Silent Butterfly - ISF India

4 responses to “For Tony: Recap & Thanks

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  1. Poor Tiger. I hope one day he has a nice Life.

  2. Were you aware that the band Apocalyptica posted your blog on their Facebook page on March 25th? They have over 1,000,000 FB fans – hopefully many of them will be motivated to take action and put enough pressure on the Louisanna government to effect change!

  3. I hope Tony gets to go live in a safe place for him–the Big Cat Sanctuary would be great!…

  4. We won’t stop fighting this issue. As with Canada’s seal hunt, we will use every possible avenue to end the cruelty.

    Continuing with it any longer is not only adding to the abuse, but the demonstration of irresponsibility on the part of the state of Louisiana is disgraceful and will continue to be made known far and wide.

    Along with our good friends here, we will continue to fight until Tony the Tiger is free.

    Denise Perrin

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