Leonardo DiCaprio On Tony: “We Need To Act Now”   4 comments

Actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio has voiced his disapproval of Tony’s exploitation at the truck stop by joining The Animal Legal Defense Fund and their campaign to relocate Tony be to an accredited big cat sanctuary.

Mr. DiCaprio tweeted for and  posted about Tony on his Facebook page.

Last year Mr. DiCaprio partnered with The World Wildlife Fund  to launch Save Tigers Now – a global campaign whose objective is to double the number of wild tigers by the next “Year of The Tiger” 2022. In 2010 Leonardo DiCaprio committed $1 million to World Wildlife Fund for urgent tiger conservation efforts through his Fund at the California Community Foundation. He also attended the 2010 Tiger Summit which took place in Russia.

With the support of Mr. DiCaprio,  Tony’s tragic story is communicated to more people and gains a stronger allegience for Tony and the efforts to give this tiger the home and life he deserves.


Thank you Mr. DiCaprio for caring about Tony and his critically endangered wild cousins.

You can also thank Mr. DiCaprio via Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/LeoDiCaprio , retweeting his own tweet for Tony, and posting a comment on the post he did for Tony on his Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/LeonardoDiCaprio

Thanks also to @TatisR  http://twitter.com/#!/TatisR for bringing Tony to the attention of Mr. DiCaprio and @ShamelessAngels http://twitter.com/#!/ShamelessAngels for bringing the post to our attention.


Petition Update: Please sign all petitions and continue to network the links for Tony.

http://tinyurl.com/tonyaldfpet  (25612)

http://tinyurl.com/tonyadlfpet2  (4324)

http://tinyurl.com/tonycare2pet  (4821)

4 responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio On Tony: “We Need To Act Now”

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  1. I knew that Leonardo was a great actor. Now I know he is a great guy as well. Thanks Leo

    kimberley richardson
  2. 2003? Isn’t Tony almost 11 years old?

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