ISF Friends Show Their Support For Tony   3 comments

Devon and her drawing of Tony.

Thanks to Devon Haas and The ISF Kids Army for this great idea. Devon showed her support for Tony by drawing a picture of him and then sent out a call for friends to do the same.

Follow Devon and ISF Kids Army on Twitter @DevonHaas and @ISF_KIDSArmy

Artwork in the gallery is credited to friends’ Twitter accounts. Thanks everyone for taking the time to post your artwork – Tony has some very talented friends! Please click on the pictures posted below to enlarge them.

Tony’s story has reached the hearts of people around the world who want to see him relocated to a proper home and receive the care he needs and deserves.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund goes to court for Tony tomorrow May 5 2011 to dispute the legality of the permit issued by The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to Tony’s owner.

Support Tony here: by signing his petition.


3 responses to “ISF Friends Show Their Support For Tony

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  1. Talent and Dreams, A Great Combination!

  2. I haven’t heard much about TonyTheTiger before I followed Miss @DevonHaas and @IS_Foundation on Twitter. Now I’ve got the picture of Tony’s cruel destiny of being locked in a cage in Louisiana. I just can’t understand people who really believe they have moral rights to keep wild animals and actually own them. It’s an alive creature created by God, creature that is supposed to live in the wildlife, in open spaces or at least in conservation areas and parks where they could feel independence and run free. Tiger is such an animal that is not meant to live in captivity near the roadside attracting and amusing people driving by. I feel sorry for Tony and great shame for his owner. I hope that Tony will finally gain freedom and will be sent to a place where people will take care of him, not torture. Please, sign the petition to help Tony!

  3. Great job! I loved Tony by drawing!!!

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