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Another wonderful post for Tony from radio broadcaster and musician Karishmeh Felfeli’s animal welfare and compassionate living blog: Animal Talkies.  Dirtect link: Thanks to Karismeh for caring about Tony and supporting him.  Follow Animal Talkies on Twitter @animaltalkies

VICTORY FOR TONY, the Truck Stop Tiger!

 Breaking News….Victory for Tony

 A couple of months ago, I wrote about a beautiful tiger called Tony, the 10 year old Bengal/Siberian used as a roadside attraction in Louisiana. The only life Tony has known is one in a hideous truck stop, breathing fumes from vehicles, and used as a tourist attraction for passers-by to gawk at. After a very, very long campaign (just over three years) thousands of petition signatures, and blogs, videos and articles published all over the world (including messages from celebrities such as Leonardo di Caprio and Ian Somerhalder who is originally from Louisiana), a judge has FINALLY ruled in favour of Tony and against his owner Michael Sandlin. I cannot describe how elated I feel, especially since when this great news broke, I was actually in hospital after an accident and missed the moment this victorious ruling was made. On 6th May 2011, Judge R. Michael Caldwell granted a permanent injunction which blocks The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries from issuing a new permit to Tony’s owner Michael Sandlin. READ MORE ABOUT THIS HISTORIC RULING HERE
VICTORY FOR TONY!!! And VICTORY for all those who have worked tirelessly, campaigning on behalf of this beautiful animal. Captive tigers continue to be a growing problem in the United States, and Tony is not the only privately owned tiger. If I met the legal team from the Animal Legal Defense Fund I think I would touch their feet in gratitude (no exaggeration) for securing this victory for Tony. I cannot wait for the day he leaves his horrible truck stop behind and goes to a beautiful sanctuary where he can live the rest of his days in peace. I know he will not know life in the wild, as a tiger ought to, but surely his quality of life will be much improved, free from the noise and fumes of his truck stop home. 
I have written letters, campaigned, blogged and tweeted, and as one of the thousands of people who has been fighting for Tony, this feels like a very personal victory. Never believe one person can’t make a difference, for in doing what you can, in some small way, you are giving a voice to the voiceless, and speaking up against the injustices that take place every second of every day. I am now going to support the Animal Legal Defense Fund from halfway across the world, because they have proven that NOBODY is above the law and no case is too difficult to fight for, when it comes to the welfare of our fellow creatures.
It’s been a very difficult week, but I feel strangely optimistic about things. We can make a difference, so lets never stop trying, fighting ad doing what we can to help the animals and human beings that need us the most. And much gratitude goes to Judge R. Michael Caldwell for doing the right thing and making the obvious ruling for Tony’s welfare in this case.


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