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Katerina Lorenzatos Makris has written these articles about Tony and Tiger Truck Stop recently. Please take a moment to show your support for Tony and his relocation to an accredited humane big cat sanctuary by leaving a comment on them. Thank you Ms. Makris for keep Tony’s story visible with your posts. While Tony’s supporters feel that a truck stop is a totally unacceptable environment for a tiger and Tony must be relocated to a humane accredited big cat sanctuary, these articles present opposing views as well.

New tussle over Tony the truck stop tiger
June 9 2011

Public input favors revocation of truck stop permit for tiger, says spokesman
June 9 2011

Animal activists tried to poison Tony the truck stop tiger, video alleges
June 10 2011

Judge says truck stop owner can’t intervene in decisions about Tony the tiger
June 10 2011

Excerpt from the article above:

The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has asked for postponement of the hearing on the issue of the truck stop’s current permit to keep Tony.

According to Liebman, “The hearing is still on calendar for next Tuesday, but the state has asked for a continuance, which would delay the hearing indefinitely. We filed an opposition to the continuance today [June 9]. We probably won’t know until Monday or even Tuesday whether the hearing will take place as scheduled; it all depends on whether the judge grants the continuance.”

Activists should save starving children, not truck stop tiger, says cashier
June 11 2011

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  1. Wild animals were meant to be wild-Tony deserves to live the rest of his life in peace at the sanctuary that is waiting for him. Please don’t fail Tony-we are his voice in the darkness-we need to light the way to freedom for him. Please.

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