Pictures of Tony June 30, 2011 Courtesy M. Haik   Leave a comment

All Photos Used With Permission from & © M. Haik

All pictures are used here with permission from and  © M. Haik.

These pictures were taken on June 30th, 2011.  Tony was observed panting and pacing; he walked toward his den but it was gated and locked. Tony lay in front of the den and eventually went to sleep. No one was observed cleaning the habitat or anything in Tony’s enclosure when these pictures were taken. Inquiries to the LDWF regarding Tony being locked out of his den on June 30, 2011 and the previous day, received responses from Fred Kimmel Director, Education and Technical Services Branch LDWF and Bo Boheringer, Press Secretary LDWF. See: Reply From Mr. Kimmel of LDWF & New Pictures of Tony

Please continue to support Tony. Actions you can take can be found at: Your Continued Support For Tony Is Needed!!  

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Thanks to M. Haik for the use of her pictures of Tony.


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