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Thank you (again) to Krisitin Bauer of “True Blood” for her continued support of Tony. After ( @TonyTiger2000 ) sent out this tweet on Twitter (pictured top left,) Krisitn  ( @BauervanStraten ) responded with one of her own to / for Tony.

Twitter has been an excellent platform to network Tony’s story. You can follow Tony @FreeTonyTiger!/FreeTonyTiger and @TonyTiger2000!/TonyTiger2000



On August 15, lawyers for ALDF will be in court in Baton Rouge to defend against Sandlin’s attempt to get the case dismissed. The Court has also set a hearing date of September 15 for ALDF’s motion for a mandatory injunction, which seeks an immediate revocation of Sandlin’s permit to keep Tony.

You can continue to show your support for Tony by signing and sharing his petitions:

ALDF Sponsored Petitions:

1.  (35,936 signatures)

2.  (8,048 signatures)

Care2 Sponsored Petition

3.  (41,375 signatures)

More ways to advocate for Tony at:

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