ALDF Back To Court For Tony Monday August 15   Leave a comment

The Animal Legal Defense Fund returns to court today to defend against Tony’s “owner,” Michael Sandlin’s, appeal to have the case dismissed. We are so grateful to ALDF for their fierce dedication to Tony and their commitment to relocating him to the home and life he deserves. Tony’s story has reached people all over the world who are appalled at the exploitation and inhumane conditions he has endured for over 11 years. Thanks to all of Tony’s friends –  because of your advocacy, his plight remains active and visible, and gains more support every day. Please remain positive and supportive of Tony and ALDF. The outcome of today’s hearing will be posted when made available.

Over 85,000 combined signatures on Tony’s Petitions – Please sign if you have not already and share the links.

ALDF Sponsored Petitions:

1.  (35,999 signatures)

2.  (8.155 signatures)

Care2 Sponsored Petition

3.  (41,586 signatures)

More ways to advocate for Tony at:

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