Victory For Tony & ALDF! Update on Today’s Hearing Courtesy of Mary Haik   Leave a comment

Today’s exception hearing concerning Mr. Sandlin’s attempt to have the case dismissed has been denied! The judge will not allow the “interveners” to be party to the suit or to have the case dismissed. Mr. Sandlin was present with his attorney Mr. LeBlanc. The Judge stated that there was a lot of publicity prior to the court date in May, yet the Interveners never requested to become a party to this case until AFTER the decision was rendered. More information will posted when available.

The hearing for ALDF’s motion for a mandatory injunction, which seeks an immediate revocation of Sandlin’s permit to keep Tony, is still scheduled for September 15th, 2011.

Please continue to support Tony by signing and sharing his petitions and his story. Don’t ever give up on this beautiful tiger. Sincere thanks to Mary Haik for caring about Tony and providing this information, and to ALDF for their unwavering dedication to Tony and continuing to fight for the life and home he deserves.

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