Tigers Like Tony Need Your Help Now!!!   Leave a comment

A circus tiger looks out of his transport cage after being loaded onto a truck. Photo by & © DM De Santis

Tony represents one of the thousands of privately owned tigers in the United States whose numbers are greater than tigers left in the wild. Captive U.S. tigers languish in roadside zoos and attractions, are exploited and abused in circuses, photo ops and exhibitions, entertainment shows, pseudo-sanctuaries, bred for profit or are owned as “pets.” Others end up in canned hunts or on the black market.

There is something you can do to help these tigers which in turn helps wild tigers as well.

The USFWS is seeking public comment – until Sept. 21 – regarding their proposal to close the loophole which allows private breeding and no registration of what they refer to as “generic tigers.”

Please add your comment (preferably in your own words) at: http://www.regulations.gov/#!documentDetail;D=FWS-R9-IA-2011-0027-0001 stating you support closing the exemption that currently allows unregistered, generic tigers, and that regulations must be strengthened so that captive breeding of tigers in the U.S. is strictly monitored and controlled. More information at: Good News! You Can End Tiger Farming in the U.S.

Watch this video from Big Cat Rescue of Tampa Florida and thanks to Big Cat Rescue of Tampa Florida, The Wildcat Sanctuary and WildCat Haven Sanctuary for networking this information and for their dedicated efforts to ending private ownership of tigers and big cats. Share this post and take action for these great cats who deserve our respect and protection.

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