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The Associated Press

Your commitment to Tony through the battle to give him the home and life he deserves has been vital and is very much appreciated. It’s so important to continue advocating for Tony whether it be posting comments to news articles, sharing via Facebook and Twitter the petition links, videos,  ALDF’s page for Tony, and writing to voice your concerns for Tony, etc. (See ”Links For Tony” below.)

The Animal Legal Defense Fund are true champions for Tony and our sincere gratitude goes to them not only for their tremendous efforts to help Tony but for everything they do to ensure the rights and welfare of all animals. Tony truly needs all of us to continue being a strong, positive, resolute voice for him. Thanks again for your dedication to this beautiful tiger. Stay Strong Tony – We’ll Never Stop Fighting For You.

Take Action!!

These three news articles covering the August 29th 2011 decision by the First Circuit Court of Appeals overturning Judge Caldwell’s May 6, 2011 ruling need your comments. Please take a few minutes to post your thoughts about the ruling and show your support for Tony and ALDF.

1. Tiger owner to get hearing

2. Grrrr! Tiger Truck Stop wins appeal

3. More trouble for Tony the Tiger


As of this posting, Tony’s three petitions have a combined total of 89,318 signatures. Let’s Roar and push for 90,000!

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Links For Tony:

ALDF Page For Tony:

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Tony’s Story:

Your Continued Support For Tony Is Needed!! (Contacts to write to at this link):

Petition Links (Collective)

Follow Tony On Twitter:!/FreeTonyTiger!/TonyTiger2000

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Big Cat Rescue’s (TampaFL) Free Tony Page: / Twitter Petition:

  • These are mostly the Associated Press article on the August 29, 2011 decision. You can also comment on them.

Ruling In Tiger Truck Stop Case Tossed

La.appeals court tosses ruling barring officials from issuing permits for truck stop tiger–Truck-Stop-Tiger/

Appeals court overturns Tiger Truck Stop decision

Truck Stop Tiger Ruling Overturned

No Option To Comment:

‘Tony the Tiger’ will stay at truck stop for now

Issues Posting To These Links:

Ruling in Tiger Truck Stop case tossed


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  1. Tony needs our help! His so-called “pool” is a pathetic excuse of what he should have in his cage. Many videos on YouTube show that this animal does not have an access to the grassy area all the time. The trucks are driving right by his cage, polluting the air with fumes. Tony also eats grass and there is no need to tell the grass is also poisoned, thanks to all those fumes.
    Sandlin already has a dead, stuffed tiger above his salad table, why should we wait for him to get a second one? People don’t need to see a tiger at a truck stop, that’s why we have zoos and sanctuaries.

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