Rescheduled Hearing Date & New Video of Tony   1 comment


UPDATE: October 7, 2011: The exception hearing on October 17th is rescheduled to November 2nd when the court will also hear The Animal Legal Defense Fund ‘s motion for a permanent injunction to revoke the permit which allows Mr. Sandlin to keep Tony at the truck stop.

Your support of Tony is very important – please continue advocating for him:

The following video, taken on October 6, 2011 is courtesy of “Cloversweed.” Thank you Mary for documenting your visits with Tony and sharing them with us.


One response to “Rescheduled Hearing Date & New Video of Tony

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  1. I hope that the outrage over the tragedy in Ohio will open peoples eyes to the need to end the capture and display of wild animals. Tony Tiger does not belong in a small cage, he needs to be in an animal refuge where he can run. I pray that the people of Louisiana will do the right thing and get this tiger away from the people that keep him locked up.

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