Tony The Tiger Wins Again! Freedom Is On The Horizon   Leave a comment

November 2, 2011 4:38 PM | Posted by Borden, Lisa

A very exciting day for our New Orleans attorneys, Erin Pelleteri, Brandy Sheely and Monica Frois! After a frustrating remand and a long wait, a Baton Rouge court has ruled that the permit that allowed Tony, a Siberian-Bengal Tiger, to be displayed in a roadside cage at a truck stop must be revoked and cannot be reissued. The ruling means that Tony could soon be on his way to a new home at a wildlife sanctuary, where he can enjoy a more natural environment, freedom to roam, and fresh air. What an amazing transformation this will be for Tony, after more than a decade of pacing back and forth in a cage while breathing exhaust fumes and being gawked at by tourists.

We can’t thank the Animal Legal Defense Fund enough for asking us to be a part of their fight to free Tony, and we can’t wait to see him moved to his new home! Tony, you’re OUTTA THERE!

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