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February 8, 2012: Tens of thousands of people have rallied around Tony the Tiger, an 11-year-old Siberian-Bengal tiger being kept at a truck stop just off I-10 in Gross Tete, Louisiana. And now, after years of protests and a court case, a Louisiana court has ruled that the permit allowing Tony to be held at the Tiger Truck Stop never should have been issued. Tony finally has a chance at freedom.

Unfortunately, though, no process has been laid out for where Tony should go if he’s removed from the Tiger Truck Stop. In other words, unless his owners or the Louisiana Department of Wildlife commit to transferring him to a reputable sanctuary, Tony could end up at a roadside zoo or a situation all too similar to the one he’s in now.

A group called Tony’s Friends started a petition on to get Tony to a sanctuary immediately. Click here to sign the petition started by Tony’s Friends to get Tony to a reputable sanctuary and out of the Tiger Truck Stop.

Louisiana state law prohibits private ownership of big cats, especially if they are on display (as Tony is at the truck stop).  And animal experts point to “stereotypic behavior” that indicates Tony is stressed from being deprived of exercising his most basic, wild instincts.

But public pressure is keeping Louisiana officials accountable — it sparked the judicial review that revoked the permit to keep Tony at the Tiger Truck Stop. Keeping up the pressure on Louisiana authorities can make sure that the courts’ decision now results in the only acceptable outcome — Tony being transferred to a big cat refuge.

Click here to sign the petition started by Tony’s Friends to get Tony out of the Tiger Truck Stop in Louisiana now, and to a reputable sanctuary.

Thanks for being a change-maker,
– Stephanie and the team

Note: Special Thanks to Stephanie Feldstein and for their support of Tony and his relocation to a reputable sanctuary. Please sign the petition and share the link to it   Keep Roaring For Tony!


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