New Jersey Residents!! Take Action For Tigers Today!! Senate Votes on S945 March 15, 2012   Leave a comment

New Jersey Residents: Please Take Action TODAY For Tigers!! Vote is Thursday March 15th, 2012 for S945. Click the tiger's picture for info about S945 and how to contact your Senator.

NJ Residents Only!! Friends!! Please take a few minutes to call and ask your Senator to vote for S945 a bill to require tiger tracking and help tigers today! They vote on this bill tomorrow March 15th, 2012 so it is crucial to take action now! Please visit this action alert from Big Cat Rescue – Tampa Florida for all the information you need to contact your Senator TODAY!!

From Big Cat Rescue – Tampa Florida

Senate Votes Thursday –  March 15, 2012  on Tigers – Support S945

S 945 is a bill that requires people who have tigers to report and register them.

Your senator is going to be voting on this bill Thursday March 15, so we need you to call them and say something like this, “Hi! I am in your district and I want you to vote FOR S945, a bill to require tiger owners to register their cats.”

That’s all you have to say, but it would also be helpful if you include that there should be no exceptions, other than AZA accredited zoos. The ZAA, a group that promotes private owners having tigers, is trying to get an exemption too, but that would render the law toothless.

The call won’t take even 3 minutes of your time, but can save thousands of tigers because other states will use NJ as a model if this passes.

Direct Link To This Alert:

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