Take Wildcat Sanctuary’s “No More Wild Pets” Pledge!!   Leave a comment

Thousands of big cats are sold as pets every year and end up abused, unwanted and neglected.

Please support The Wildcat Sanctuary’s “No More Wild Pets” Campaign by signing their pledge – you can also donate to help TWS end the captive wildlife crisis.

Complete information at: http://www.wildcatsanctuary.org/take-the-no-more-wild-pets-pledge/

TWS is one of the sanctuaries that has offered a permanent home for Tony.

Help “Keep The Wild In Your Heart – Not Your Home” – Sign the “No More Wild Pets” pledge TODAY and network this campaign to friends and family.

Titan, a resident at Wildcat Sanctuary surveys his pool. Photo Credit: The Wildcat Sanctuary

From The Wildcat Sanctuary’s website:

Our Mission

Provide a natural sanctuary to wildcats in need and inspire change to end the captive wildlife crisis.

Our Vision

Help create a world where animal sanctuaries are no longer needed.

Who we are

The Wildcat Sanctuary (TWS) is a 501c3 non-profit, no-kill big cat rescue located in Sandstone, MN.  TWS provides a natural sanctuary to wild cats in need and inspires change to end the captive wildlife crisis.  TWS is funded solely on private donations.  The Sanctuary is a home for animals, not a zoo for people and is not open to the public.  Combining natural and spacious habitats with a life free of exhibition and exploitation, TWS allows all residents to live wild at heart.

The Wildcat Sanctuary: No More Wild Pets – Tiger Exotic Pet PSA

Links for The Wildcat Sanctuary:

Website:   http://www.wildcatsanctuary.org/

Youtube:   http://www.youtube.com/user/WildcatSanctuary

Twitter:     http://twitter.com/#!/wcsanctuary

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wildcat-Sanctuary/185864382182

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