Tony’s Petition Reaches 17,900   Leave a comment

As we still await word on the August 6, 2012 hearing, let’s continue to keep Tony’s story active by supporting his petition.
We’re only 100 signatures away from 18,000 –  a true indication of the concern and love people have worldwide for Tony.

If you haven’t signed, please add your support for Tony’s release to a reputable sanctuary here: and share the link.

Petitions are an effective  platform to gain support and let the public know, despite two rulings in Tony’s favor, he remains at the truck stop. Read more about Tony’s case from The Animal Legal Defense Fund: Making Sense of the Current Status of the Tony the Tiger Cases

Thanks again to ALL of Tony’s friends for your support and dedication to him.

Please also take a moment to help big cats in the United States by asking your Congress Member to support H.R.4122 – The Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act. This bill would prohibit private possession of big cats except at highly-qualified facilities like accredited zoos where they can be properly cared for and safely managed.

Take Action At These Links:

  • Enter your zip code at Big Cat Rescue – Tampa FL’s Action Alert for a fast easy way to voice your support of this bill and ask your congressperson to co-sponsor it:

  • The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Action Alert for H.R. 4122:

  • IFAW’s  (International Fund For Animal Welfare) Action Alert

  • You can also sign this petition: Tell Congress: Big Cats are NOT Pets!

  • and show your support for H.R. 4122 at PopVox:

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